Andreas Buhr. The entrepreneur, speaker and author will teach
you how to advance your business in our time of digital change.
His Expertise
With his boundless enthusiasm and incomparable hands-on experience stemming from 35 years as entrepreneur, speaker and author, Andreas Buhr knows how to take on the challenges of our time and take an active part in designing the future. His passion and purpose is to help others achieve their professional ambitions. Andreas Buhr understands just what needs to be said in order to change the perspective of leaders and salespersons from know-how to do-how. Due to changing customer behavior, changing markets and an acceleration in all aspects of our lives, bold actions and a willingness to adapt are vital: Machen statt Meckern! (solving, not surrendering!)

Book the repeatedly awarded entrepreneur, speaker and author for your next congress or event. Well-founded, entertaining and mobilizing.

Become an expert in your field and unfold your potential as well as that of your employees and participants sustainably and successfully in the certified trainer school.

Evolve into a preeminent leader in an exclusive group of participants.



Years of entrepreneurial experience

Billion € worth of business with 2 companies


press articles

Million air miles

self-written books

Wall of Fame

“[…] Considerable to the success of the event was, of course, the high quality of the presented speeches. In this context, I may thank you very much for your presentation “Sales Intelligence – Integral Intelligence for Entrepreneurial Success”, which was very popular with our clients!” Christophe Schmutz

Haarkosmetik und Parfümerien GmbH & Co. KG, L'Oréal

“Andreas Buhr, with his interesting and animated talk, has significantly contributed to the success of our event. […] Due to the precise approach to sales, his topics could be implemented immediately.” Uta Schramm

Commerzbank AG

“Dear Andreas! I received such good feedback on my presentation. […]
I was very happy about it and I am sure that I was able to be persuasive. […] I just wanted to say “Thank you!”!” Jörg Brückner

Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH


Andreas Buhr – Entrepreneur. Speaker. Author

With regards to the topics “leadership” and “sales” Andreas Buhr is considered a prodigy. The highly awarded international top speaker and coach is acknowledged as being at the top of his field. Speaking at events for professional development as well as sales congresses for nearly 40 years now, he continues to inspire his audiences with his knowledge of leadership and sales as well as his theories regarding success. Andreas Buhr thrills with his trendsetting strategies and practical know-how.

Andreas Buhr is founder and CEO of the Buhr & Team Akademie für Führung und Vertrieb AG in Dusseldorf, founded in 2006. His team of trainers is specialized in practical trainings and seminars on leadership and sales.

Parallel to studying economics, Andreas started his career in 1980, in financial services, being responsible for leadership and sales in the field. At only 28 years, he had established himself as the head of one of the largest sales organizations/companies in Europe. Up until 2005, Andreas Buhr was responsible for 280.000 customers with 3 billion Euro turnover and more than 1.000 employees in his sales force.

The highly awarded Trainer of the Year was chairman of the German Speakers Association (GSA), the second-largest speakers’ association worldwide, from 2013 to 2015 and received a place in their Hall of Fame. Andreas Buhr is also

member of the American National Speakers Association (NSA). As early as 2010, he was honoured by the NSA in Orlando with the rare title of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), being the first European awarded that title. Next to various other distinctions, he received the Human Excellence Award this autumn.
Andreas Buhr lives with his wife and two sons in Dusseldorf. His second passion is sports: he is a dedicated marathon marathon finisher (amongst others three-time participant of the New York Marathon), skiing instructor and committed golfer. Even in his private life he never fails to find new and ambitious goals: recently, he participated in a Mount Everest Tour.

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